Search Engine Optimization

As i moved from freelancer to owner of a company (Xelent Solutions, i decided to stop providing services for Search Engine Optimization, so please note we are no longer provide following services)

If you want to see your site reach high rankings in the major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo! Then your website needs to be optimized. When Search Engine’s crawler adds your site to its database, they look into your site’s code that makes up your web site pages. When we say optimizing your website for search engine’s then it includes but not limited to many techniques including optimizing page titles, keywords, site page descriptions, html tags and image alt tags to ensure that appropriate information is supplied and displayed on your search engine listings.

To optimize your website for getting improved results

Better optimization brings more prospective clients to you, it’s that simple!

If you want your business to be searched on the web by people for your business products related searches then you need to get on top within the major search engine’s results. Every search engines crawler regularly look right across the web to get information from all the web sites which they found on the web. This information is stored in the search engines’ database and output the search results that are shown when a visitor to the search engine types in a search request. These search results based on relevance search term shown in order so the website that have pages with most relevant contents to the search term are shown on top of the result page. It is therefore exceptionally vital that you appear as close to the top as possible for the types of search terms that your potential customers would be putting in, otherwise they just won’t find you.

Xelent Solutions Search Engine Optimization services

Taking steps to achieve your full potential

Xelent Solutions offers a full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service from Faisalabad Pakistan that can be included with a web site design package or used for your existing web site. We will work with you to decide the direction you wish to travel and we will advise the best way to move forward. Once we know where you would like to go, we will put our SEO knowledge and experience to good use by fully optimizing your website to push it upwards in the search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

We can offer a full package to give you all the benefits of comprehensive Search Engine Optimization, or offer individual services
as you need them. These services include:

  • Initial meeting and ongoing cooperation with an SEO Professional.
  • Analysis of your new or existing web site’s design, structure and current search engine optimization.
  • Analysis of your current web site ranking on the major search engines.
  • Analysis of your business competitor’s web site ranking on the major search engines.
  • Analysis of your site contents and creation of a shortlisted highly
    optimized search terms that reflect your business products offering.
  • Optimization of your web site’s images, page description, keywords and ALT tags.

What will Xelent Solutions do?

Xelent Solutions will talk about your company objectives with you and offer a solution based on your timescale, budget and targets. We will not try to sell you more than you need and will offer fair suggestion on how and when you should consider extra works. We will optimize your website with white SEO techniques, not with black SEO techniques so your site gets high soon but get banned later cause of black SEO techniques.

What do you do?

Once we have spoken with you and decided a plan of action. We will ask you to compile a list of very specific keywords and key phrases that your probable clients are likely to put into search engines to find what you are offering. These may include product names, service description or similar phrases that are relevant to you business. This shortlist will be the foundation that we build upon, so it is important that you decide on the most relevant words and phrases. Don’t worry, we can advise on this! Once you have supplied us with your keyword and key phrase list, we can begin work, based on our agreed timeframe and plan of action.

How much does it cost?

Our Search Engine Optimization service is created in a modular fashion so that we can provide you exactly what you need to meet your objectives. Therefore all projects are quoted individually.

Taking the first step

If you need your business earn money from online customers then your website need optimized and should be more visible to people visiting online at Google, Yahoo, MSN and all other major search engines. Contact us.