Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

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At Xelent Solutions we believe in the usefulness of the web and encourage our clients to leverage this tool. Internet is now a major distribution channel; it presents your identity online to sell your services, products or let visitors knows about your personality or business.
Having your business online bring more customers and more customers means more business.

A website is no longer the medium of the future – A website is the medium of the present. A web site that belongs to a company for a trademark for a product or a service to the absolute standard repertoire. Potential customers informed in advance, with the help of your website and often decide only whether they come in contact with you.

The design and of course the web site function may therefore play a decisive role in the present and future success or failure. An individual, tailored to your website thus helps not only in disseminating information but also actively involved in customer acquisition.

There are many different solutions and ways to design a website and program. Which web design just right for you is that we can judge best. Of course, you may wish to inform us in more detail in advance, so we would like to get an overview.

We care not only about course work and restarts but also improve existing websites. You benefit from our experience and creativity we provide you with a full-service agency for disposal. Many companies have not yet realized the potential of a professional website contains.
Websites designed individually based on your ideas and can incorporate any long-term experience. So you can be sure that your website is a success.

We are proud on ourselves for designing modern, ingenious and interactive websites. We conceptualized, designed, programmed and marketed individual Internet projects of any magnitude.

  • Simple HTML Websites
  • Content Management based Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Social Networks
  • e-Newsletter
  • Portfolio/CV Websites
  • Flash Websites

Ultimately, sites can be divided into two categories:

Static web design

Static websites provide the user, as the name implies, static contents. This means the site is based on individual files, which are made by calling the site. Static web design does not mean that the layout of the site does not provide effects. This is simply a matter, content of the website are changed by a little programming knowledge. Most websites are static and thus not particularly relevant.

Dynamic Web Design

A site generated from a database called “dynamic”. You, as owner of the website have a password-protected admin panel access to the site and without prior programming knowledge you can create/edit texts, images, files, and mush more to your website. Example, you can add new pages, upload images and integrate them directly. All changes are applied immediately to save on your website. They are therefore completely independent. Dynamic sites can of course be including online stores, blogs, social networks or complete individual projects.

We are specialized to finish the job on merit and professionally having our clients satisfied with the results.