WordPress Website Development

The free, open source content management system WordPress is one of the most popular systems of this Internet era. With more than 66 million installations and a market share of around 66%, it is one of the most important and best systems in the field of content management system.

With millions of downloads a day and a large community enjoys WordPress not only for developers like us, but also for end users an incredibly high level of acceptance and popularity.

The reputation for being suitable only as a blogging system, WordPress has already left long behind. It is suitable for all types and sizes of websites and is due to the simple expandability and stability an excellent base for almost all websites or web applications.

We as WordPress Website Developers offers following services:

  • Theme Development
  • PSD to WordPress Conversion
  • Existing Website to WordPress Conversion
  • Security and Backup Solutions
  • Blogs
  • WordPress SEO
  • Content Maintenance
  • other Special Solutions.

Why we use WordPress for Blogging?

WordPress is the best blogging platform on the web today. Thanks to its open-source engine, WordPress get extensive reputation throughout the world. Every day a group of people of more than 900 contributors is working on perfection to WordPress platform. WordPress API allows crafting of unlimited plugins to extend the inspiring standard of functionality even more. Anyone can download and install WordPress with its famous 5 minute installer script and start creating posts almost immediately.

Why Custom WordPress Theme in Pakistan?

Custom WordPress themes in Pakistan from Xelent Solutions allow you to reach extraordinary level of personalization of your blog. Precise ideas, sketches and company branding will be cautiously evaluate by our designers and implemented in your new theme. We will work with you personally and give our idea to make sure that the new theme meets all usability principles and is well apparent by your target viewers.
If you are a pro blogger or a business owner, Xelent Solutions team will help you develop monetizing strategies and layout the theme in view of that. In the new world of web marketing, SEO is very vital to the success of the blog, therefore we deliver all our custom themes W3C validated and ready for SEO. Finally, custom WordPress theme guarantees that no other website will share the look and feel of your blog.