Facebook Business Card Template

Facebook Business Card

Show your identity in Facebook style by using Facebook Business Card Template.

Today i am going to share Facebook Business Card Template in Photoshop PSD format, you can easily edit its content to match it to your profile/business, In PSD you will notice QR Code used, to know how to generate QR Code, please read my following article regarding Facebook Timeline Cover Template in PSD format, where i describe in detail how to generate QR Code and use it in your PSD File. All other text is editable and uses Lucida Grande Font(download from here).

Photoshop Template for Facebook Business Card is ready for print and in CMYK Colors. Photoshop file holds Bleed lines so you can know from where it will be cut in final print. let’s just have a look at Facebook business card template.

Facebook Business Card

People might ask why Facebook Business Card, well Almost everybody Loves Facebook

It’s not just an assumption, figures says that, almost 53% people on the internet daily log on to Facebook and that figure will raise to 70% till 2014. i hope we don’t become slaves to the Facebook, and needed some official letter (Just like the one Abraham Lincoln President of the United States write in 1863.

And by virtue of the power and for the purpose aforesaid, I do order and declare that “ALL PERSONS HELD AS SLAVES” within said designated states and parts of states ARE, AND HENCEFORWARD SHALL BE FREE!

Well time will tell, if Some Abraham Lincoln born to give us our freedom back from Facebook Slavery, but let’s continue our love with Facebook, till we find our friends and family members on it, talking to us, sharing good moments with us.
Just Grab the Facebook Business Card Template as free PSD (Photoshop format), and edit it’s content to get an identity of your business just like Facebook Style.

Free PSD Business PosterCard

Business Card PSD

Download Free PSD Business PosterCard for business showcase

File is print ready with high-resolution CMYK colors.
Fonts used can be downloaded freely from given below website address.

Free PSD File is easily editable using Photoshop, file is organized in detailed grouped layers so you can easily find content of the file to edit.


Pixel Dimensions: Width: 2138, Height: 1538
Poster Size: 181 x 130 mm approx. (7×5 inch approx)
Resolution: 300 pixels/inch
Fonts Used: Blue Highway (http://www.dafont.com/blue-highway.font)

Free Business Card PSD

*Note: Business Photos not included in the PSD file.